Department of Legal Studies
Department of Legal Studies

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The Department of Legal Studies (DLS) Department is responsible for developing and administering the LLB programme at the Faculty of Law. Specific decisions on academic issues, curriculum and teaching matters are made by this Department, which provides a resource and a focus for LLB students. It mounts relevant LLB courses, oversees the progression of students, and responds to the needs of students from the time they are admitted to the LLB programme until the time they finish.

Paid employment during the LLB programme
The LLB programme is full-time and students taking it are unlikely to be able to take on paid employment without some detriment to their academic progress. The Faculty recognises that students are sometimes left with little financial alternatives than to take on some paid employment. However, holding down a paid job during the academic year will not be accepted by lecturers as a legitimate mitigating circumstance for missing lectures/tutorials or for poor performance in assessments/examinations.

Law Students’ Union (LSU)
The UCC Law Students’ Union (LSU) was established in the 2014-2015 academic year, after the second cohort of students was admitted to the LLB programme. LSU is an integral part of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), which is the official organ of Junior Members of UCC. By virtue of your admission to a programme of study in the Faculty of Law you are an automatic member of LSU. Officers of the Union are elected annually through a democratic process as provided for in the LSU Constitution. The Union’s general meetings are usually convened by the Executive Board a number of times during the academic year.

Exit profile of students
Upon graduation, students will be extremely proficient in the law, ICT application, legal and social science research, problem solving approaches, and would also have perfected the affective capacity for community and public service, and volunteerism. In addition, they would have integrated the key competencies of legal education and the knowledge necessary for the transition into the vocational programme in law at the Ghana Law School and entry into the work place.




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