Prof. Anokye Mohammed Adam appointed as Provost of CoDE-UCC

The University of Cape Coast, UCC, has appointed Prof. Anokye Mohammed Adam as the new Provost of the College of Distance Education (CoDE).Until his appointment, the Provost elect was the Head of Business Programmes at the College of Distance Education. His appointment, which takes effect from August 1, 2022, will run a term of three years. He takes over from Prof. Isaac Galyuon who has run two terms (6 years) at the position.Prof. Adam is a distinguished and internationally acclaimed scholar of Finance who exhibits a high sense of industry, sterling leadership qualities and excellent organizational skills. 


He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) from Open University Malaysia, a Master of Science (Finance) from the University of Leicester, a Master of Science (Mathematics) from the University of Cape Coast and a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

He also holds a Professional Teachers' Certificate from the University of Cape Coast, Certificate in Project Management from University of Petroleum Studies, Professional Certificate in Online Teaching for Educators: Development and Delivery from the University of British Columbia and Diploma in Management of Higher Education Institute from Galilee International Management Institute.

Prof. Adam has very high regard for research, scholarship, teaching, learning and outreach. His understanding of the modern complexities and diversities in the tertiary education environment is remarkable.

Positions Held

Prior to working in his current position at CODE, he had served as the Head of the Department of Finance at the School of Business and the Head of Department of Business Studies at CODE. In both positions, he provided leadership for the organisation and conducted academic, financial and administrative business in the Department to bring about change and harmony.


He has over 80 publications to his credit and has written several distance learning modules. He has served as Panel Chair in several international conferences. He is an editor of the Journal of Business and Enterprise Development and serves as a reviewer for more than 50 peer-reviewed journals. He is an academic mentor and has mentored several young academics locally and internationally.

UCC Boards Served on

Prof Adam had served as Chairman and member of various statutory Boards and Committees of the University. These included; Academic Board, Procurement Advisory Committee, Entity Tender Committee, Development Committee, 2016 Corporate Strategic Planning Committee, College of Distance Education Strategic Planning Committee and International Public Sector Accounting Standard Implementation Committee.

He has also served on the School of Graduate Studies Board, Committee on Institutional Affiliation, School of Business Board, Faculty of Social Sciences Board, College of Humanities and Legal Studies Board, College of Distance Education Board, College of Distance Education’s Timetable Committee etc. He had been an external examiner for several institutions inside and outside Ghana.

Source:  Documentation and Information Section-UCC